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  • The little house

    The little house

    La petite maison is located on the island of La Maddalena, in one of the, for those who love the sea, most beautiful and fascinating of all the Mediterranean. Il Bed and Breakfast (B & B) was built in 1965 in an area of ​​the country not far from the center (about 300 meters), […]

  • The rooms

    The rooms

    The rooms are divided into Standard, Classic and Superior. They are all equipped with central heating during winter, while for the summer season is on a ceiling fan very effective. Standard Room The standard room is decorated in warm colors of ocher, furnished with art-deco, with […]

  • The apartment

    The apartment

    For those wishing to enjoy a greater freedom you can stay in a typical house built in the '50s maddalenina, NOT ATTACHED TO B&B (at about 100 meters). Located in a private environment just steps away from the city center and the harbor, The building has been recently renovated with artistic touch, donandole great […]

  • The Magdalene

    The Magdalene

    La Maddalena is the largest of the islands that make up the archipelago of the same name deployed off the coast of Gallura: to this, only permanently inhabited since the founding in 1770, combine Caprera, reach across the bridge of the Money Step, and St. Stephen's south, and Casings, Razzoli, Spargi e Santa […]

  • The Arcipelago

    The Arcipelago

    The Maddalena Archipelago is made up of 13 larger islands such as the island of Budelli, Razzoli, S. Mary and Spread; Also worth mentioning are the islets of Barrettini, Funeral, Puffs and Nibani although it should be mentioned as many other. This area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea offers unique and unforgettable views, where the particular nature […]