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    Poter visitare L’arcipelago de La Maddalena, is an almost obligatory stop for visitors who want to dive in the Caribbean Sea, spending an unforgettable day. Questo noi lo realizziamo con una splendida barca a vela (Carter 33 cantiere Olimpic Marine) di 10 mt. di lunghezza e 3.25 mt di larghezza, equipaggiata […]

  • The Magdalene

    The Magdalene

    La Maddalena is the largest of the islands that make up the archipelago of the same name deployed off the coast of Gallura: to this, only permanently inhabited since the founding in 1770, combine Caprera, reach across the bridge of the Money Step, and St. Stephen's south, and Casings, Razzoli, Spargi e Santa […]

  • The Arcipelago

    The Arcipelago

    The Maddalena Archipelago is made up of 13 larger islands such as the island of Budelli, Razzoli, S. Mary and Spread; Also worth mentioning are the islets of Barrettini, Funeral, Puffs and Nibani although it should be mentioned as many other. This area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea offers unique and unforgettable views, where the particular nature […]

  • Caprera


    Money Crossing the bridge and the dam connecting the island of La Maddalena to Caprera, you are immersed in a beautiful unspoilt, where we suggest to our guests to do some trekking. CAPRERA Path 1: CALA BRIGANTINA In the eastern part of the island of Caprera, suggest this route […]