The’Archipelago of La Maddalena consists of 13 larger islands such as the island of Budelli, Razzoli, S. Mary and Spread; Also worth mentioning are the islets of Barrettini, Funeral, Puffs and Nibani although it should be mentioned as many other.

This area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea offers unique and unforgettable views, where the particular nature of the territory lithological, the characteristics of the sea and coastline, the almost total absence of human settlements have given this environment a very high value. This element has led to an increasing number of visitors frequenting a busy summer tourist and.

We suggest, who can break free from work during periods other than summer, to come and spend pleasant moments and immerse yourself in these beautiful landscapes during the feast of Easter or any weekend. Trust, worth it.

Directly from the island of La Maddalena, asservendosi one of the many services that the port can navigate to the various islands of the, you can quickly reach several destinations and spend pleasant hours, between the relaxation and wonder, between a snack offered by the crew and a bath in the liquid crystal that Sardinia often offer generous.


The Isle of Spread, the third extension, is frequently achieved by transport boats or rafts for tourists hired, that dock at the old military pier Cala Corsara,

at a beautiful beach with white sand and sea with infinite shades, emerald water; Other beaches are Cala and Connari Cala Granara, all on the east side.

The wind and sea sculpted rock and often give the most bizarre forms:
the “Rock the Dog” and the “Head of the Witch” geoformazioni are obtained by the slow natural phenomenon of erosion.

The interior of the island of Spread is intact in all its extension; Trekking enthusiasts can enjoy, through the scrub-forest, a fascinating but challenging hiking trails.


The Budelli Island is the southernmost group of the larger islands of the Archipelago of La Maddalena.

Here is the famous “Pink Beach“, so named for the color of the sand, formed by marine micro-organisms transported over the shore by the flow of the sea; during the summer season is a favorite of many boaters.

Before leaving this beautiful island, strongly suggest that you visit the channel between the islands of S. Maria, Casings and said Razzoli “Port of Our Lady” (“Chieca of the Dead”); not to be missed is the “Knight's Beach” and the striking Step Asinelli, joining the Island of S. Mary Razzoli.


The S Island. Mary is located in North-East and is the greenest of the group of larger islands; opens with the beautiful Cala S. Maria, where there are a few private houses built in the 60s along the bay, close to the Maestrale.

A recommended walk, duration of about 20 minutes, is toward the Lighthouse Point Thread; while leaving the island, You can go to the Island of La Presa and walk along the creeks in the channel between the Isle of S. Mary and Casings.